Usually For Alamance & Guilford Counties depending on distance from I-40/85
FHA/USDA Standard Water Testing        $195.00
Which include: Total Lead, Total Nitrite, Total Nitrate, ECOLI, & Total Coliform
Turnaround Time approx 4-8 business days

RAPID TURNAROUND        $255.00
1-3 days
For All other Counties, please call at        336-263-4408 ph to receive your quotation.

Bacteria Only Samples in Alamance & Guilford Counties turnaround times are approx. 2 business days for                  $140.00
We only provide testing, we do not guarantee results of your testing.  If concerned of results from water testing, please contact a qualified contractor for remedies.

Each additional test will incur additional charges.

All testing is done by a certified laboratory analysis.

Again, please contact us at 336-263-4408 ph or
for more information or to place an order.
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